The easy, web-based application to handle
Work Orders
Help Desk Tickets
Problem Tracking

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Create ticket
Prioritize tickets
Assign tickets to resources
Resolve tickets
Re-assign tickets
Review open tickets
Review closed tickets

User-created tables
Ticket Categories
Priority levels

Open tickets by resolver
Closed tickets by resolver
Closed tickets by date
Closed tickets by location
Late and dormant tickets
CDL export of open tickets
CDL export of closed tickets

No infrastructure required other than a pc with a web browser and some way to access the Internet!

 We backup the data and maintain the servers.

No expensive up-front costs!

Need additional help?

We have expert resources to help you solve problems and develop solutions outside the scope of your in-house staff!

Pay per resolution!

Workoweb is designed for small organizations that don't need traditional all-in-one software suites that do everything.

One simple annual fee based on the number of resolvers and number of tickets per year.

Start small and increase your levels as your organization grows.

The owner of the ticket is emailed when their ticket is created, modified or closed.

Automatic notification reduces your staff's support time and callback expenses.

Pricing for 3 resolvers and 250 tickets only $99 per year

Add 2 resolvers and 250 tickets for an additional $49 per year

Buy only what you need!

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